Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Selling England by the Pound

The English are having a bad year, we are on the brink of losing our last meaningful colony and these storm blasted islands have endured the worst weather on record and we are only in April! Despite all this we are still standing and there remain three things that the English can be proud of:

  • Getting drunk and then fighting for their lives 
  • Being polite and stand-offish
  • Having a weak currency
A Spaniard - what you find when you Google an image of a drunk English Gentleman!

The starkly contrasting social habits of the English are well documented but the relatively value of our currency has been brushed under the (garishly patterned) carpet  by the long line of Keynesian and neo-Keynesian economist who believe that  we will eventually take our place on the global top table of exporters if we continuously devalue our currency.

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