Thursday, 8 May 2014

Believing in Secular Stagnation

Across the fault lines of Adam Smith and Keynes, those who take an interest in the global economy fall into two camps - those who are general optimistic about humankind’s instinctive ability to create wealth an prosperity and those who believe we are pre-disposed to muck (no typo) things up.  You would think that those on the left are most agitated about market failures and the inefficiencies of capitalism - and many are, but social media exposes the truth that at least as many on the right are doomsayers.   Every article in the press welcoming the signs and firm evidence of recovery in the UK is met with a barrage of comments from conservatives foretelling the end of the world – house bust, savings dearth, public debt ruin, balance of payments crisis and so it goes on!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Let Them Eat Cake

The key to good economics is timing, Adam Smith was banging on about pins when pins where the last word in precision technology, Keynes was lucky to be at the height of his powers when the world needed him most and Milton Friedman took his bow when everyone had gotten bored of trying to make Keynes ‘General Theory' work.  Enter stage right Thomas Piketty, who is also lucky to be making his pronouncements on inequality as a new gilded age dawns bright.  Incidentally, one of the last gilded ages led to Equality, Fraternity and Liberty by way of the Guillotine so M. Piketty, a Frenchman, should be careful what he wishes for.
Exécution de Marie Antoinette 16 octobre 1793

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