Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher's Five Point Plan

When Mrs Thatcher fought the 1979 election Britain was broken, the elected government of the day had no control over the economy, 28 million days a year were being lost to strike action and our nationalise industries were losing money hand over fist.I was 19 years old and I remember the all pervading sense of gloom that surrounded our country's future.   She had to break a few eggs to make the omelette, but what a cook she proved to be.
Her electoral manifesto is well worth a look as it covers in some detail here plan of attack  - find it at

For my money the 5 point plan was exactly what was required at the time and an audit in 1990 would have shown that she delivered in this completely and in some style, it took longer than expected and it was more painful but she delivered!

Her 5 point plan in 1979

  1. To restore the health of our economic and social life, by controlling inflation and striking a fair balance between the rights and duties of the trade union movement.
  2. To restore incentives so that hard work pays, success is rewarded and genuine new jobs are created in an expanding economy.
  3. To uphold Parliament and the rule of law.
  4. To support family life, by helping people to become home-owners, raising the standards of their children's education, and concentrating welfare services on the effective support of the old, the sick, the disabled and those who are in real need.
  5. To strengthen Britain's defences and work with our allies to protect our interests in an increasingly threatening world.
If only all politicians were as straight forward and clear thinking - God bless you!

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