Wednesday, 28 November 2012

UKIP Party or Hangover

As a rule I am in favour of clear thinking, quick decision making and decisive action, give me Patton rather than Montgomery every time.  Great commanders know that it’s always better to act, indecision is the opening blast of ‘the Retreat’.  As my mother used to say ‘don’t just stand there – do something’
In public life it’s also become fashionable to want our leaders to be straight talking conviction types, bring on Thatcher, Foot, and countless other fundamentalist.  The ire of the right and hard left is reserved for flip-floppers who want to skipper the ship but aren’t interested in the course – out with Blair, Wilson, Heath, Obama and all.  I can support this view, but only to some degree as rigidly held views can be very damaging, witness George W on Iraq, Maggie and the poll tax and Charles 1 on everything.

The risk of damage is heightened when this conviction is focused on a single issue.  UKIP presents us with a case in point.  The Party has a well-defined course and probably good convictions.  The problem is that by simplifying the problems we face into a single issue they provide a focus for people who are too lazy to grapple with the complexity of our Island’s challenges. 

UKIP provide a home and voice for intellectually lazy people who, apart from getting the Europe issue wrong, are able to command a sizable share of voice on issues where they should have no credible opinion.  We are treated to Nige on Question Time answering questions on Schooling and Health – this makes me ill.  I feel patronised by the existence of this single issue Party and irritated that their carping and scratching around on the fringes of what is important, is likely to make good debate and decision making more difficult. 

So what to do?  Well, its over to you Dave, you need to step up and put them out of their misery, if you don’t it’s quite possible that Miliband will, as he is proving to be one of the most opportunistic politicians in living memory.  You don’t need to do a deal with UKIP, you just need to have a clear and well executed plan for our continued membership of the EU on improved terms.
UKIP not so much a Party - more of a Hangover!

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