Friday, 11 January 2013

Broken promises

My New Year resolutions and progress (or lack of it) to date

Resolution Status Note
1 To be more organised on home administration and less transfixed by work
 Jury's out on this 
2 To drink less expensive French wine
 Blew this pretty early on - I got undone by a couple of bottles of Château Calon-Ségur 
3 To complete all the odd jobs around the home that have been on my list for 12 months or more
 I have a list I just haven't started yet
4 To be less of a contrarian and less controversial (argumentative, rude, boorish).
 Obviously not - read post on my blog since New Year
To give up dancing and generally being weird in front of my children
 First resolution to go up the Suwannee - about 2am on the 1st Jan
6  To do less gardening
 The weather has kept me honest
7  To stop using other people toothbrushes
 I lasted about 7 hours
8 To be less silent and a better listener
 Hopeful and trying hard
9 To write better and more timely thank you letters
 Did my Christmas letters by the 28th Dec
10 To spend less time on my blog and twitter - but be more interesting
 See for yourself

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