Thursday, 17 January 2013

Mustang Sally

It’s time to be thankful for the string of terrible summers, which reduced the Barbeque frequency.  Without these damp and miserable summers we might have consumed a lot more hamburgers.News that a number of British supermarkets have been using Horse meat in ‘value’ hamburgers has created quite a bit of amusement in the press and twitter, two of my favourite tweets in the low  brow category are:
‘’Apparently they identified the horse meat in the Tesco burgers by analysing its D N Neigh’’.from John Prescott
Another goes - 29% of the meat content in Tesco's hamburgers turns out to be horse?! No wonder they gave me the trots!  Ho Ho! 

Having survived the terrors of CJD (mad cow disease) caused by feeding animal parts to cattle and sheep we now find this new pollution in our food chain.  This story also links back to the food waste story that was doing the rounds a week ago.

The food industry has been overly focused on volume production, from the farmers through the whole food chain the emphasis is on yields, pricing and through-put.  But the consumer is asking for something very different value, provenance, quality and choice.  We have done some limited research in our family and we have found that shopping local for your immediate needs is a much cheaper model that filling the trolley at Sainsbury.  I sense this is another nail in the coffin for our out of touch retailers and producers.

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