Sunday, 27 January 2013

Our very own NHS

It has become politically incorrect to have any negative thoughts about the NHS.  Indeed the present Government is so scared of this institution and the fond place it has in our nation's heart that they have protected it from any spending cuts (The NHS also had a starring role in the Olympics open ceremony). 

Today's story in the Telegraph is yet another example of how poorly the National Health Service is run; specifically the low standards of clinical care that are now the norm.

To understand the financial cost of all this one needs to navigate to the NHS Litigation Authority website (there is an entire business set up to manage the results of this poor care)

You have to be diligent to find the statistics but buried deep in the reports on the NHSLA website there were clinical litigation claims outstanding against the NHS that amount to over £18 BILLION.

From their website:

Outstanding liabilities

As at 31 March 2012, the NHSLA estimates that it has potential liabilities of £18.9 billion, of which £18.6 billion relate to clinical negligence claims

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