Monday, 14 January 2013

Allez les Rosbifs

As Dave considers his EU speech he should remember that there is only one thing better than a peice of good news for an Englishman and that is bad news for France.

The papers have been stuffed with terrible news on the French economy for a month or two and Fortune Magazine now seems to confirm this - it could all end messily in France.

Whenever I go to France I am struck by the beauty of the country and (often) the women but one is always surprised by the lack of energy  - there never seems to be anything going on.  

This is all quite reminiscent of Britain in the 70ies (with the exception of the women) , but its all changed now and our girls are stunning and we are all working much to hard - to keep them happy!

By contrast it looks like the UK will be second out of the recession behind the USA, so hats off the Anglo Saxon model and our gorgeous girls.

I pointed this out in a blog a couple of weeks ago - so you should have been using my share tipping service!!/2013/01/reading-tea-leaves.html

A more considered view from The Telegraph.

A British Bull Dog Sat on a Rug of the Union Jack Flag

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