Sunday, 13 January 2013

Gorgeous George

Our truly ghastly Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne has made an ass of himself again this week by opining that the 'EU must change'. As the government considers how to realign in Europe, due to the further integration required by those countries in the Euro-zone  (the Euro Currency zone) we need a steady hand. The government is also considering activating a clause in the Lisbon Treaty that allows the UK to opt out of areas of EU justice and policing next year.

Not-so-gorgeous George appears to have something on his mind...

Chancellor George Osborne said he hoped the UK stayed in "but in order that we can remain... the EU must change". Surely a man of his limited intellect must realise that Europe is changing anyway - The UK needs to change remain relevant in the changed Europe.

It astounds me the Mr Osborne has achieved the dizzy heights in Government that leave him the clear number two to Dave. There are a few things one needs to know about George:

·         He went to St Pauls School nestled in the SW London and is a inner-city school in comparison to the better Public Schools. Not being an Old Etonian is a real handicap in the current cabinet. Weirdly he ended up as Vice Captain of school - history repeats itself in his current role - where he is definitely No 2 to Dave.

·         His full name was Gideon Oliver Osborne, this would have been okay in the 1870ies by it's a handicap by anyone's standards today. So he changed Gideon to George!

·         At School he wasn’t good at sports and was in the middle stream for most classes (admittedly St Paul’s has its fair share of bight children)

·         His family made a mint flogging curtains and wall paper to the middle classes - big flowery patterns being a favourite

·         He has become by record and reputation one of the worst Chancellors in living history, for my money Anthony Barber (Ted Heath's man in number 11) was by a slim margin a bit more incompetent

·         He is the heir apparent to the Osborne baronetcy of Ballentaylor and Ballyemon - this makes him a lot posher than Dave

·         He also went to Oxford, where he was brilliant (but he didn’t have to run the economy) and without taking a proper job he went, more or less, straight into politics

·         His early nick name was Giddy – for obvious reason

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