Friday, 18 January 2013

Who is to blame

A fascinating new poll that looks at the attitudes people have to the economic mess and where to apportion the 'blame' for public spending cuts.  Interestingly Ipsos MORI use the question 'who is to blame for the cuts to public servces', this presupposes that the cuts in services are a bad thing.

I for one would not be able to answer the question as it is obvious that the cuts are about the only good thing this government has achieved, so I can hardly blame them.

Anyway, on to the results, initially the survey (completed in March 2011) squarely put the blame on Labour (obviously right), the banks (nonsense) and global influences.

This month things have changed a bit with the coalition picking up a lot more of the flack.  Interestingly the one main movements has been the recognition that global events are really driving the need for small deficits, so by asking the audience they got a pretty good answer.  In fact the coalition should have scored 100% as they have made the cuts and thank god they have!

The full research can be found on this link

The good people at Ipsos MORI tell me that they do also ask support and opposition for the cuts and currently the results is about 50:50 in support and opposition.                 

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