Thursday, 17 January 2013

Time for a European Consensus

When Dave Cameron tells us that he is a ‘practical Eurosceptic’ should we be worried?  The answer is yes!
Whether you’re pro or not we need to have leadership on our place in or outside Europe.  It’s vital for us economically and geopolitically that there is consensus on the strategy this is not an issue for the Prime Minister alone.  So how can Dave slay this Goliath of a problem that has been pulling his Party apart for over 30 years.  Well, the thing is that Dave needs an ally he need ED!  Weirdly this could just be possible points as they agree on the important things, which are:
  1. They don't want to be in the Eurozone
  2. They do want access to the single market with the minimum of associated regulation
  3. They need to protect our critical industry (financial services) 
  4. They would like to expand the EU to increase the size of the single market
  5. They don't want to continue funding of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
  6. They want to preserve or unique place in the world
  7. They would like to reduce our defence costs

Actually these are all things that we can get support on, from within the EU and from outside (the US). 


So Cameron and Miliband need to put their petty difference apart (there is hardly a cigarette paper between their views) and take the politics out of European membership.  We have managed this on some important issues over the years, Northern Ireland, Nuclear deterrents and  Afganistan, all being examples,  and we should do so on Europe. 
Whilst the chances of this happening are slim it would show real political maturity and it would have some fringe benefits for both party leaders.  For Cameron it would put UKIP on ice and for Miliband it would make Scottish devolution much less likely (Labour can never win an election without their Scottish MPs).  And both would enjoy bashing the LibDems who have a more Europhile view of the world.  This would then allow us to return to the heady days of proper two party politics, which is what they both need and want most.  But first they have to slay Goliath

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