Monday, 21 January 2013

Our Green and pleasant land

I would have thought that Mr Clegg, being a Sheffield MP (for the time being), would have an alternative approach to the building of 2 million homes in the already congested South East . By making our great Northern Cities (including Sheffield) more attractive places to live and work we could avoid concreting over our precious countryside in the overcrowded South East.. 

Green and pleasant land: the Government has listened to objections to its planning reforms - Hands off our land: An end to the blight of the builders’ charterReversing the current policies of 'WreakingBall' Boles is vital or great swathes of England will be lost to Barratt Homes for good. Why move the houses to the countryside when we could encourage people to move to where the houses are!  The hoodlum Planning minister Nick Boles has suggesting that the nine per cent of England built on so far should be increased to 12 per cent to meet demand. This would see 1,500 square miles of open countryside - over twice the area covered by greater London – covered with new housing. See my last post on this scandal.

Coming back to the deputy PM you will notice that the weasel Clegg is offering to build all over his coalition partners constituencies – I wonder why




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