Sunday, 20 January 2013

One Direction for Dave

So Euro speech day is now tomorrow as Dave tries to up-stage Obama's inauguration (I dont think so Dave).  Some of the speech has leaked to an impatient press and the Spectator has some snippets.

Britain is unusual in that its most powerful politicians openly question their country’s membership of the union. It is isolated among sizeable EU countries in its determination to change fundamentally its relationship with the union. Much more than Mr Cameron implies, Britain is alone. But there are things that we have in common as poll below suggest.  Asked if The EU is going in the right or wrong direction the stats as presented as a %

This is interesting and Dave can build on the fact that many people in the EU feel that The EU is heading in the wrong direction - in fact 52% of us think this is the case, obviously the Greeks, Italy and the Spanish have a problem but even  countries like Belgium and Holland are as negative as we are.  So we have an opportunity to use this disaffection to recast the EU into a more productive Union for those in the Eurozone and those outside.  So we're all in the same boat -

This could be Dave's big moment in history but its nor likely to eclipse Obama's big day!

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