Thursday, 21 February 2013

Darwin turning in his grave

The Tories set great store before the last election in widening the appeal of the party, by encouraging a more varied group of people to stand for election.  Out with the aristocracy (apart from the cabinet) and in with the Oiks.  This approach was endorsed by notable worthies like Portillo who said '...much of the Parliamentary Party is reactionary and unattractive to voters'.  This process was known as the 'A list' - prospective members of parliament were foisted on local party committees to refresh the party.  The Party of the free market should have known better.  Natural selection obliterated the dinosaurs before and should have been relied upon to bring in new blood.

We now have conclusive evidence for the cock-up.  The prospective candidate for Eastleigh, who I described in my last blog on this subject as the UK's answer to Sara Palin, is proving to be a total liability.

A recent photo shows how little the Tories want us to see of Maria Hutchings

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Her public utterances have been so bad that she is now limited to speaking in public for two minute sound bites only and she didn't take part in a live radio debate that was organised - The Telegraph has more.

This mess is further evidence of Cameron's over riding problem, which is that he is a lousy recruiter.  Both within the Cabinet and in the party at large the wrong people have been selected.  Darwin would be turning in his grave - we should return to natural selection and let the best rise to the top.  Genetic engineering is not the answer.

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