Sunday, 3 February 2013

Campaign against privilege

I'm all for a bit of class war in our political knock-about - it gets the political juices flowing.  Over the last year there has been a considerable upping of the temperature on this, Ed Miliband has been purposeful in using the inflammatory language to paint his Tory foes into a corner.  Dave and his team are a soft target, it's a matter of bad luck that the brightest people in the Tory Party today come from privileged backgrounds.

In the chamber this week a slip of the tongue gives us a clue as to how Ed's mind is programmed on this  "I think we've now heard it all. Because he (Dave) says that the 'class' war against the bankers is going to be led by him and his cabinet of millionaires." - the word class is obviously a slip, he can't say the word war without mentioning class!   He now regularly uses references and motifs to the financial elite (rich people, bankers, business leaders, etc) and links this to the cabinet as an implied criticism.  Listen to his ill judged performance in the Plebgate PMQ.

But Ed is an opportunistic politician rather than actually having any conviction on the inequities of class.
It's clear he has been briefed to use references to Eton, The Carlton Club, Oxford, Millionaires, etc to damage the image of the Tories. But this continuous insulting of the UK wealth creators / owners is in denial of his own privileged background and it's a deadend politically.  Voters are interested in results not  in who achieves them and their background.  Moreover most people are not against privilege for the simple reason that ordinary sane voters are aspiration.

So if Miliband is not the author of this Beano style messaging, who is behind it and more interestingly where does the rationale come from. The mood music conductor  is Tom Baldwin, the ex-Times journalist, he feeds the lines, Ed is merely the mouthpiece.  Are Baldwin and his fellow travelers on the left driven by sense of injustice for the poor down trodden proletariat? No, its because they are out of power.  The Tories stole their train set!!

This great anger on the left that fizzes across the internet from activists and out of the mouths of Baldwin's puppets, comes for the deep sense of hurt.  Having been in power for 13 years they lost their god given right to govern, through a terrible mistake -having Gordo as their leader.  They hate the Tories for this and this fuels the 'class war' language and this alone.

So when you next hear a chippy left winger screaming dull insults bathed in the blood of class war you can be sure he is in pain for the loss of power rather than any instincts to put things right.

My last blog on this indignation of the left

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