Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Terrible shot

Lovely cover drive Sir!

Pictures of David Cameron playing cricket in India on his latest tour of the East show how off the pace his PR advisers are.  For the local Indian press the picture is a godsend - allowing  them to paint Dave as the old imperialist smashing his old subjects for six.  For the left wing press in the UK its another example of a privileged background.  The poor urchins on the labour front bench wouldn't be seen dead playing cricket, oh no they stick exclusively to football and cribbage.

Dave - away from the playing fields of Eton
John Major - warm beer ...

Cameron should remember the trouble that cricket got John Major into and he certainly didn't have the disadvantage of learning his cricket on the playing fields of Eton.  Major used imagery of warm beer and village cricket to characterise all things good about 'Britishness',  when a more accurate imagery would have been a yob gobbing at a policeman.

Ask Ed Balls, he knows a thing or two about the 'dark arts' of PR- remember these two.  'Annoying' Ed sticks the boot in at the footy and playing cribbage (he's the one smoking)!

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