Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hey Joe

The arrival Joe Biden, Obama's number two and political minder, in the UK is well timed.  It's a reminder to Dave that he needs a Fixer at his side.  Margret Thatcher famously had Willie Whitelaw as her deputy PM to keep the toffs from the Shires in their place.  This worked brilliantly until Sir Anthony Meyer crept out of the shadows!

Prime Minister David Cameron (right) greets US Vice President Joe Biden (left) prior to their bilateral meeting at 10 Downing Street


Dave has the dreadful Nick Clegg in the Deputy PM role and he is not even in the same party as Dave, some would say he's not on the same planet.  So who could Dave turn to, to keep the Grammar school boys in line. It needs to be someone who can speak their language and cosy-up to them in the House of Common's bars over a swift lager-top!

My vote goes to Chris Grayling - frightens the hell out of me!  Grayling could be given an honory title (President of the Board of Trade) to release him from the strain of Justice Secretary and then he could devote himself full time to banging, the recalcitrant right wing of the party, to rights.

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