Monday, 11 February 2013

We should all be allowed to retire

Pope Benedict's decision to retire from the position as pontiff is a brave one and we should all respect the difficult dilemma he has had to face.  We should remember that there are all kinds of onerous positions from which it is either difficult or impossible to retire from:


1. David (The voice) Attenborough - Wildlife film maker with the most envied voice in broadcasting, over 80 and still going strong. By the way that's him in the background .

2. Helen Mirren - As the grand dame of British film she has to keep waving the flag for the older generation to prove that they ARE the golden girls.

3. David Beckham - His brand is dependent on some physical activity , he is probably wishing that he had a career in hairdressing

4. The Beast of Bolsover:  Dear old Dennis Skinner has been raving quite brilliantly for all things left wing and slightly barmy since Ted Heath was elected in 1970, with no heir apparent he has to keep standing

5. Dave - As the only really talented member of his Party David Cameron has to soldier on, he would much prefer to settle down to a life of computer games and hunting with Rebecca Brooks (who wouldn't)

6. Talking of Rebecca, next up is Rupert Murdoch - who couldn't retire if the SAS were after his position

7. David Bowie - Now he has got his teeth fixed up he needs to pay off the dentist

8. Hilary Clinton - simply to good to hang up her boots

9. The Queen - the poor old Queen would probably love to stop the endless round of supermarket openings and settle down, with Philip, to enjoy daytime TV.  And by default - Prince Charles - he can't retire until his Mum stops, and that could be a long way off

10. Me -  with three daughters to educate, marry off, support and indulge I am 100 years from retirement!

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