Saturday, 2 February 2013

Left being drowned out

James Delingpole writes astutely and controversially in the Telegraph - today he illuminates one of the great tragedies of social media

In this 'open source' world, the polite and considerate get drowned out by the more strident voices of the extremest.   So in the US #tcot trends endlessly and inane jaundiced vitriol spews out over the web, one can blank this out but it reduces the flow of interesting news from the US. 

In the same way we have the problem of the left in the UK.  I was hoping to be able to use social media to get a more complete view of political opinion. In particularly I want to hear what the left have to say,  I read the Telegraph and The Economist, so  need to balance my news diet.  My sad conclusion is that the intelligent left is drowned out by fellow travelers  who are often unpleasant, incoherent, bores.  

How sad,  as this destroys a wonderful tradition of angry but eloquent lefties -  Bevin and Foot would be turning in the graves. Importantly this river of abuse has turned our politicians off from taking part in the important on-line debates as David Cameron explained to the Daily Mail.

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