Friday, 8 February 2013

Touch of class

I feel sorry for the good people of Eastliegh.  The Tories have selected Maria Hutchings to fight the election  following the resignation of disgraced former minister Chris Huhne. Where does Dave find these truly awful candidates. His much vaunted policy of bring a greater cross section of society into Parliament seems to ignore the need to have intelligent candidates who can be relied upon to be broadly supportive of the government!

A recent poll has her neck and jowl with Libdems so she may well make it!!

Picture 21

Swing since 2010

LibDems 36% (-10.7%) expected

Labour 13% (+3.8%) pretty poor

Conservative 33% (-6.3%) ok

UKIP 16% (+12.9%) expected

Other 2% (+0.6%)

Asked if she would vote to leave the EU in an in-out referendum Mrs Hutchings said: “If there was a referendum now, I would vote out”. So Mrs H is anti Europe, pro-life (aren't we all) anti equal marriages and anti idea of a 'round earth'.  She urged the good people of Eastleigh to vote for her because she is “not a rich Tory toff”! That's quite a platform to stand on. Forget the need to reform public services, re-balance the economy and fix our role in Europe, she can offer us tofflessness - thank God for that!

The person who has my sympathy is Mrs H's constituency Agent - part time author of 'how to get rich quick books' - Mr Grant Shapps.  The poor chap is going to have to spend the next three weeks with Mrs Hutchins who is clearly a loose cannon. Although its early days in Mrs H's career,  the most unfortunate comparison comes to mind, is she like Sara Palin or is it just me?

Maria Hutchings

The rhetoric may be a bit more restrained - “I am a mum, I ran my jobs club down here. One day I didn’t have enough money when I came to the ATM to pay for £1.80 parking here, and the people at the jobs club gave me the money!”.  Like Palin,Maria offers for a weird cocktail of 'Hockey Mum' and Attila the Hun!

I think we can safely declare that we have now reached the bottom of the barrel.  No wonder Dave has such trouble controlling his own MPs, they seem to be a ghastly bunch!

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