Thursday, 7 February 2013

£1,000 for a chicken stew

The sky line restaurant Le Coq d'Argent has been in the news again this time they have been wasting their best burgundy.  The chefs pour Le Chambertin Grand Cru, Trapet 2009 into a chicken stew that they sell for £1,000.

They claim that this makes  ''the chicken is soft and tender, with elegantly rich and fruity undertones from the premium wine". As The Guardian says - why waste a bottle of wine that cost £250 by tipping it into the gravy!  Actually this kind of thing makes one quite ill, the message it sends out to people happy to earn £250 a week working hard is sickening.

The Guardian have the full story at -

The really unpleasant thing about this culinary vignette is that Le Coq d'Argent has been the scene of some high profile suicides over the last couple of years.  They should think twice before promoting themselves as the restaurant of conspicuous consumption.

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