Saturday, 9 February 2013

French Cockerel gets stuffed

Bad manners have a way of coming back to haunt one and President Hollande must now be regretting that he snubbed  The British Prime Minister and more importantly Angela Merkel The German Chancellor.  On the first afternoon of the recent EU budget summit Hollande kept Dave and Angela waiting for over an hour in a show of Gallic arrogance.  This probably allowed Dave and Angela to agree the budget reduction and the rest was history!

Stung by criticism from his own press at losing out to an Anglo-German axis, Mr Hollande moaned that he has done brilliantly but we all know that he was committed to a increase in the budget not a cut.  In a typically haughty way he said  “It will be for everyone to decide who made the biggest effort,”

So those of us who thought the rapprochement brought about by The UK's support of the French expedition to Mali might be the start of beautiful new relationship will have to rethink.

Dave has, well and truly, clipped the French'c cockerel feathers

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