Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Caligula's comeback

Recessions and the associated economic retrenchment that's required is painful but it does have some entertaining fringe benefits.  General speaking the music gets better and certainly the politics gets more interesting and this is absolutely the case in Europe.

Oh what joy the Italians bring to current affairs, to wake up the morning after their election to find that over a quarter of the electorate have, in an absolutely critical election, voted for a failed comedian and a bunch of policies that set out what politicians shouldn't do rather than how to save the crumbling economy.  In the maddest political moment since Caligula ( Roman Emperor from 37 AD to 41 AD) decided that he would promote his horse Incitatus to be a consul.

Grillo's policies include:  a New electoral system, based on proportional representation; halving number of MPs; end of public funding of parties, fixed term for MPs. Support for renewable energy, free internet provision, Voting age reduced to 16 (from 18) and 18 for the Senate (from 25) and a Referendum on leaving euro. 

The result of this aberration is that we now have a hung parliament in which the dullest politician in Europe holds a third of the seats, Beppe Grillo the modern day Caligula holds a quarter as does Burlesqueoknee, (the worst politician in Europe), the rest being held but Super Mario Monti - the technocrat ex premier. One can only surmise that:

  1. One third of the population of Italy are even duller that Pier Luigi Bersani - the centre left leader
  2. A quarter of the population were paid by Silvion Berlusconi to vote for him
  3. A tenth of the population are devoid of any political nous and voted for the failed technocrat
  4. And the final quarter are horses that believe they are in with a chance of being one of Grillo's consuls
The Four Musketeers

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