Friday, 8 February 2013

Pass the Haribos Dave

David Cameron has agreed a budget reduction in the EU, which more than he has done with his own coalition.  After a marathon session the EU leaders have agreed to reduce spending for the next 7 years compared to the prior 7 years, this is actually quite an achievement.  In the period 2007-13 the total expenditure on the EU budget was €994bn.  The new budget fixes spending for the next 7 years at  €960bn.

This stunning result was largely due to late night sustenance provided by a pack of Haribos.  This was the key to getting the German's on-board as it's a little known fact that Haribos come for Germany.  As well as the car market they now have world domination of the kids sweet market !

If David Cameron had been this aggressive at home our budget deficit would be a whopping £64bn lower than it is today.  Whilst people moan on about austerity, actually Government spending has increased from £691bn in 2010 to £730bn in 2013 if we apply the agreed EU reduction to our domestic budget we would be spending £666bn this year not £730bn. 

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