Friday, 1 February 2013

Stalking Horse or Opportunistic Ass

After 11 years as PM and 15 years as leader of her party Margaret Thatcher was deposed by Michael Heseltine.  The initial stabs in this carve-up were made by Sir Anthony Meyer, an unknown backbencher - the stalking horse.

A Baronet and general toff - Meyer would turn in his grave to see how the great unwashed of the Conservative party are behaving today?

News leaked out this week that the Tories are at it again.  The rabble have become bored with their leader after only 30 months in office.  The new protagonist is Adam Afriyie the MP for Windsor and Eton (weird that  - Dave and Sir Anthony Meyer were both Schooled at Eton College).  Interestingly, this Afriyie chap wants to combine the role of stalking horse and heir apparent.  Greedy horses seldom breast the tape.

Mr Afriyie has blown his cover too early and will now suffer a slow an painful political death as the only duck in the shooting gallery. Whilst he enjoys his moment in the sun Afriyie is busy rounding up co-conspirators by throwing a series of dinner parties for the dafter sections of the Tory party.  I have some sympathy for AA, I can't imagine a less convivial and more parochial group of guests.  One can only guess at the topics of conversation as they sit round the table, but one can be sure that toast is on the menu.

Adam Afriyie

Amazed - even the Guardian agree with me:

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