Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Archbishop Justin Welby buries his Talents

The last Archbishop of Canterbury was a self confessed 'Bearded Leftie' and although he looked the part the wild looking Welshman kept his political power dry for most of his time in office.  Although he did have one memorable dart at capitalism, calling the bankers and speculators behind the credit crisis "bank robbers" and "asset strippers".  Adding that Karl Marx had been right in his assessment of the nature of capitalism!!

At least he looks like a bishop

So the new chap is in good company and it has not taken Justin Welby, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, long to become mired in political controversy. You might think that career that has taken in Eton, Oxford and Energy broking he would be cheering on the Tory party, but not  a bit of it.  In fact, he has joined some other Left leaning clerics in an attack on the Government’s welfare reforms. In a letter to The Sunday Telegraph, the chaps in fancy dress opined that “children and families will pay the price” if plans to change the benefits system go ahead. Next week, the House of Lords is due to vote on legislation to cap benefit rises at 1 per cent until 2016.  Given that most of us in the private sector have seen a real decrease in income of around 5% since 2009 he won't find much sympathy for his observations in the working population.

Justin 'Welfare' Welby
Unsurprisingly,  Yvette Cooper, the second most annoying politician in Britain (she is married to the title holder) and  shadow home secretary, said the Church was “absolutely right” to speak out and described the proposals as “immoral”. Iain Duncan Smith the Work and Pensions Secretary (responsible for this sensible adjustment), also know as the "quiet man" of British politics, is yet to respond.

Interesting in the US the highly successful and well attended Church is generally on the side of the working man and a smaller state.  But like so many pillars of our establishment the Anglican Church (along with the BBC and The Civil Service) is unremittingly left wing, taking up the cudgel for those would bury their Talents rather than put them to work - Matthew 25:14-30

Thomas Becket

The original turbulent priest - he had a beard!

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