Friday, 1 March 2013

Monthly digest - February

February has been a pretty bleak month in the UK, isn't it always?   But in terms of of audience interest (page views) on the Therichtersacle there are five posts that provided a little light relief.

1. In a nod to the Pope's retirement I listed 10 people who have no choice but to soldier on working.

2. Responding to an article in the Guardian by Tim Lott bemoaning the fact that his children are having a much 'better' childhood than he did, I responded with some reasons why growing up in the 70s was infinitely preferable to a childhood lived out today.

3.With an important Bi-election in Eastleigh (contested yesterday) I blogged on the the remarkable and disappointing similarities between the Tory candidate and Sarah Palin.  These misgivings have turned out to be well founded as Maria Hutchings won only 10,559 votes, representing a 14% reduction compared with her share of the vote at the general election, beaten into third place by UKIP.

4. Whilst enjoying France's dismal start to the Six Nations rugby tournament and their fine efforts in Mali - I have researched the relationship between success in war and rugby.

5. An finally to (as so often) I spent time examining the causes of anger in the the Left of British politics.

Interestingly they reflect the things that most effect my blood pressure - The knocking down of conservative values, the self righteous anger of the Left and the French!

My recommended post of the month concerned our inability to apologies for the errors of empire

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