Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Westminster Mash - digest of political posts

We are a tipping point in British politics, seldom has there been so much to be interested in.  We have the election in 2015, the Scottish independence referendum next year and an impending European Union in/out referendum in 2017.  To heighten the interest we have a coalition government who will have to  tread the line between being in power together and in (quite bitter) opposition to each other at the election.  This Post covers a range of subject that I have blogged about in an attempt to cover this fascinating but complicated landscape.

Where did it all go wrong?

Firstly, there is the referendum in Scotland and its potential impact on English politics, a vote for independence would be terminal for Labour.

Secondly, as a social media new boy, I looked at the anger of the Left and what motivates the school boy insults that Ed Miliband and his followers can't resist.

Thirdly, the Eastleigh bi-election provided a great insight to some of the problems the major parties
face.  The irrelevance of Labour in the south of England, The anti Government sentiment that is bringing down the libdems and the lack of talent the Tories have among their prospective candidates. All of these issues resulted in a spectacular protest votes that UKIP cashed in on.

Some people think David Cameron is a poor Prime Minister because he is too posh, others think he is
lazy.  My guess there is something else holding him back.

Looking back at how Gordon Brown saved his party from annihilation at the last election one gets a
clue as to how David Cameron might approach the problem of electoral unpopularity - two Posts cover the ground.

Finally, we look at David Cameron's mid term / life crisis and his pathetic attempts to woe the younger generation.

I took the recent speech verbatim from David Cameron's recent up date on the economy - basically sticking to plan A  - and created a word cloud and this is what we get, not exactly Milton Friedman is it?


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