Sunday, 16 December 2012

It's a Gas, Gas, Gas

It  amuses me that England may be about to enjoy a fracking gas boom just when the Scots are about to vote for independence.  Sadly Scotland is 90% granite - not much shale around north of the border!  Having moaned that we have squandered their oil inheritance they will be pretty peeved if we end up having an energy boom of our own just after they ditch the grand alliance!

Up dated on 11th jan 2013

We now find that the Shetland Islander don't want to play ball either - Alex Salmond could be running short of energy very soon

The Up Helly A festival in the Shetland Islands to show off their Scandinavian heritage
The Up Helly Aa festival in the Shetland Islands shows off their Scandinavian heritage

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