Friday, 14 December 2012


Some cheek,  RedEd Miliband is to address us today on the need to better integrate ethnic minorities into our society.  Let us not forget that he and the last Labour government are directly responsible for letting the floodgates of immigration open without a second thought for the challenges this would create for all sides.  State sponsored multiculturalism with no plan has resulted in the kind of intolerance and small mindedness offered by BNP and UKIP.  How dare he lecture us on this of all topics!

And the reality of the speech was that there was;
1. No apology
2. No ideas on how to improve things
3. No support for any control of new immigrants
4. Contempt for those living with the consequences
5.  Patronising guff about his roots

He is being opportunistic again hoping to drive a wedge between the Tory right and the government - this is childish behaviour and dull leadership.

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