Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Peter Oborne explains the Tory party politics

Peter Oborne turns his fire on the dim witted cannon fodder that sit behind Dave in the Commons.  It is quite inexplicable to me (life long Tory) how we have ended up with such a dull and (let's be honest) unpleasant bunch of Tory MPs. 

It's probably true that Dave has always perceived this strata of his party as the real opposition, he is bored by RedEd and Eeeeeeeed and seems more interested in goading the make-weights on the right of his party. In this respect Dave reminds me of my father who used to describe himself as a Pink Tory (wouldn't work today) - quite posh, liberal and in the centre.  He hated puffed up right wing up ideologues.

So the campiagn is on and Gay marriage is the first engagement - it will be interesting to see who wins through - I'm not backing the plebs!

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