Sunday, 16 December 2012

Clear-out needed

In an article on Maria Miller in the Guardian today

A senior Tory backbencher was reported to have said of the culture secretary Mrs Miller: "No one's out to get her in Parliament. She hasn't antagonised anyone. She's a dull, over-promoted housewife who really isn't cabinet material, but who you know is pretty inoffensive. This absence of enemies will save her. Plus, she's a woman."

Whether the backbencher did say this or not - no-one is surprised.  I think this is why Dave sees his role as a reformer as being unfinished business.  As a toff Dave would prefer to clear out this kind of small minded ignorance from the Party rather than be re-elected,  his strategy around Gay marriage reflects this approach as does his ambivalence to UKIP.  Good on him!  Maybe the Tory Party still needs to get smaller before it can win a majority at a General Election - if you know what I mean!

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