Monday, 17 December 2012

Dave's mid term manifesto

David Cameron (Lazy Davey) needs to make some response to the nonsense being spouted by his co-coalitioner Nick Clegg.  Whilst Clegg is claiming the political no-mans-land of the middle ground Cameron has a chance to further show that the Libdems are the  handbrake on the process of clearing-up the mess left by Labour and modernising our institutions. 

The problem is that Lazy Davey has long since taken his foot off the accelerator of change, having got off to a good start in 2010 it's been a woeful tale of tactical tinkering ever since.  If he can summon the vision and leadership ability he could get into a good position - the key policies of Welfare, EU and Immigration could well all land well for him and the general economy is now on the turn.  To win an outright victory he need to do more, specifically he must:

1. See through the successful execution of the policies around deficit reduction, welfare reform and immigration reduction

2. Square the Tory right on Europe - there must be a deal that leverages Angela Merkel's requirement to reduce budgets with our need to simplify and popularise our membership of the EU

3. We need a couple of flagship measures that give Davey the reforming platform that would get him a second chance (without the Libdem handbrake) at Government (and keep the Right happy).

The options might be:
     a)  Tax simplification - George Osborne needs to be bold - simple taxes will drive collections
     b)  An investment / R&D strategy that targets harnesses the strengths we have in our  private equity industry
     c)  Give business an excuse to unlock the cash that private business are sitting on, to generate new high quality jobs in the UK

The question is - how fussed is Cameron about the second term?   I think he is too interested in keeping his hair rather than risking pre-mature aging through an overdose of power.

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