Monday, 17 December 2012

Middle earth

Nick Clegg’s speech today seeking out some middle ground from the wreckage of the latest set of opinion polls is poor strategic thinking.  To stand any chance of re-election both the Tories and the Libdems will need to show that the pain has been worth it (the pain is unavoidable).  To achieve this by 2015 they need to approach the next two years with same reforming zeal as they showed in the first 6 months of the coalition, if the libdems think they can bounce back in the polls by endlessly watering down promising (unpopular) Tory policies they are backing the wrong horse. 

Eeking out a position in middle earth on welfare, EU and immigration may not please the public who are opposed to the status quo on all these issues. My bet is that this message of controlling the excesses of the Tory party may not play well in 2015.  Much better to be an important member of a reforming coalition who have turn the tide on labour's poor thinking and muddled execution.

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